The women have always used fashion resources to facilitate the construction of an appearance that makes them more beautiful, but not always comfortable. As time passed, models, fabrics and trends were updated.

Today it is possible to take advantage of resources that enhance your curves with comfort and practicality. So, you can take advantage of all the features that a Popilush slimming bodysuit has to further develop your body positivity.

popilush shapewear

How Can I Get a Leaner Shape Instantly?

Sometimes you want to achieve a more streamlined shape so you can show up in style at a special event. Or maybe you’ve just gained a few pounds in the last few months and want to lose weight to gain more self-confidence. Either way, a bodysuit with shorts can help you build a slimmer shape instantly.

The mesh shapewear makes your waist slimmer, as it fits perfectly to your body, creating tummy control that makes you slimmer without squeezing or causing discomfort. The soft fabric also helps to lift your hips and give your butt a more seductive shape. The breasts are centralized to create a perfect cleavage supported by the steel ring incorporated in the upper region of the piece.

popilush shapewear

What Occasions Are Suitable for Wearing a Shapewear Jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit that slims the waist and lifts the butt, can be used on different occasions. Women generally choose this type of piece to facilitate physical exercise. But they can be used at casual events, to create urban looks or even to go to work if combined with more sober overlays and accessories.

A tip here might be to change the type of shoe for each specific occasion. For example, to exercise, wear sports shoes. Do you want to use your tummy control jumpsuit to go out with friends? Just add some heels to have a unique piece with elegance. Double-layer fabric is stretchy and controls your waist, shapes legs and butt to create a smoother shape.

popilush shapewear

Can I Wear The Shapewear Dress All Day?

You can easily wear a shaper dress throughout a workday, traveling or for casual events like spending a day in the countryside. On colder days, choose a model with long sleeves. On summer days you can safely invest in a version with thin, adjustable straps.

A square neckline comfortably shelters your breasts, so you can use it for any occasion you want. The extra support comes from the double-layer fabric that wraps, working together with the removable cups to deliver versatility. This detail increases your personal confidence and makes you more comfortable with your body.

You can build the waist of your dreams through the control provided by the faja knit fabric that hugs you creating a perfect hourglass shape.

A Popilush shapewear dress looks good with any type of shoe. You can wear boots to keep warm in winter. But it also goes perfectly with a high heel shoe with transparent straps.

In fact, this type of shoe is perfect for shorter women, as you will appear longer. And the leg-shaping mesh of the dress will soften your curves so you always look beautiful wherever you want to go.